Friday, 30 December 2011

Food on Wheels; Lao Khao in Bangkok and fruit

Food on Wheels; Lao Khao in Bangkok and fruit

Before the month is over, here's another edition of my Food on Wheels series. During the last visit with the family to Bangkok in October, a few nice picture taking opportunities arose, one of them being the Lao Khao or better 'yadong' pictures below.

The Lao Khao bottles and two shot glasses in front

Lao Khao is a rice based whiskey, often times home brewed and almost a guaranteed recipe for turning blind, despite what the local brewers tell you! Often it contains a variety of small animals liek snakes, centipedes or scorpions and the like. This is 'yadon' and is made with Lao Khao as base and various herbs or parts of animals are inserted in the 'yadon' base.

Receiving two shots of Lao Khao

It's also dirt cheap, a shot is about 5 Baht. Bottles of Lao Khao are only 40 Baht in every shop around the country. This yadon vendor was located in the Sukhumvit Soi 22 area bit of you keep your eyes open, you can spot them in many places.

Sweet potatoes on the left and mango's on the right

Near a subway station these two vendors were selling fruit, deep fruit sweet potato balls on the left and mango's on the right hand side. Many side walks in Bangkok will have vendors selling all kind of food, varying from drinks to complete meals and everything in-between.

Barbecued bananas

Thais love to eat and snack all day long and a small, quick and simple meal like BBQ-ed bananas will be a typical snack. Bangkok's streets are littered with vendors like the ones in these pictures. Go out, find them and enjoy them! Good luck.



Anonymous said...

That is not lao is yadon.

Happy New Year

Camille said...

Thanks! Just checked the difference, yadon is alcohol with herbs. Its; Lao Khao with herbs more or less.