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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 24th May, 2011

Today's weather;

Samui is gearing up for another hot day, the sky is blue and the thin white cloud layer will be burnt away quickly once the sun starts heating up. Current temp at 7am is 27.3C

Big Buddha during a sunset

Yesterday saw a very hot day on Samui. The heat seems to drain all energy out of you! Max temp reached 35C



Lee said...

Hi, I will be travelling to Samui this weekend. Will the weather be fine.
Weather forecast it will rain (thunderstorm) throughout next one week. Not
sure if this is accurate.

Camille said...

Hi Lee,

The weather forecast (Windguru) that I mainly use project some stronger wind the next week and potentially a tropical shower but nothing serious. I don't foresee a problem at this moment and would not expect thunderstorms!

Hope this help for now.

KS said...

Thanks for your information, Camille. Can I check how long would tropical shower last? Is it whole day or just a few hours a day? Is it still OK to travel to the small islands around Samui?


Camille said...

Hi KS,

A tropical shower would just be for a few hours, if at all. It would also imply that it would dry up rather quickly.

Hope this helps.

KS said...

Thanks. Can i seek your advice which is the best beach in Samui with white sandy beach and clear water for snorkelling if i do not wish to take boat to nearby islands?
I will be staying in Bhundhari Resort (chaweng) and not sure if beach around the area is good. From photos, the beach around the resort does not look fantastic.


Camille said...

Hi KS,

The beaches around Samui have in general nice sand but the snorkeling is unfortunately not that great! My favorite beaches are Choengmon in the north east corner of the island and Silver beach just before you get to Lamai.

Hope this helps for now.