Saturday, 7 May 2011

Coco Splash water park in Lamai

Coco Splash water park in Lamai

Samui's first water amusement park; Coco Splash, down in Lamai! Yesterday we visited this park with our two children and two friends and although we didn't arrive until just after 1pm, we had trouble getting them out of there again by 5pm. It was a great success and they can't wait to get back again and get wet! The place is open now for around a month.

The park is set up and run by a French couple and they seem to have hit the nail on the head, this is something that Samui has been lacking for a long time, a great day out with your children!

Although the park isn't that big, approximately 30 by 70 meters I would guess, for a 5 years old it must be big enough, especially looking at the reactions of our kids!

The smaller glide, for 5 years and older with a max height of 160cm. A big fave by all the kids that we took and the kids already in the park or who joined later.

The big slide, for 8 years and older or at least 125cm height. A big hit with especially my son. I rode it a few as well and it's surprisingly fast! Be warned!

An overview of the park, there are two main slides and a water basin with some minor attractions. Opening times are between 10.30 and 17.30 and it may get crowded during the weekends or school holidays. Birthday parties are also available at request.

How to get there

Entrance fee is 200,-THB for the day for swimmers/players and free for non swimmers. A membership card is available at 350,-THB with each visit only being 100,-THB, however the membership card is only valid for 6 months. I'm sure we will visit again but most likely not to justify the expense of a membership, especially considering we live relatively far away from the park. Information can be obtained on 08 1082 6035
Food and drinks are also available at the park.

I'm happy the park is here now and I'm sure we will visit again, don't hesitate and have a visit, your kids will love it!



Anne Sophie said...

the website:
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sept922 said...

That is good info. Thanks for the post!
It is always good to have options with the kiddies in tow!