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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Food on Wheels; Truck for construction workers

Food on Wheels; Truck for construction workers

Here's a slight variation on the Food on Wheels series; today I highlight a form of food delivery by means of a truck instead of the all too familiar motorbike and it's not a finished product that you can buy neither.

Samui boasts lots of building sites, some might argue too many but that's a different discussion. All these sites have construction workers on them and they need to eat as well. Since they're on small wages, they mainly tend to cook themselves and the trucks pictured here basically serve the building or constructions sites or possibly even the areas where they live, which many times are relatively isolated areas and since the workers most likely don't posses a bike, they can't go out at their convenience and buy food and or ingredients to cook. In come these trucks!

Besides food and cooking ingredients they also sell many other small items like baby powder, soap etc. It's kind of like the supermarket truck that used to make it's rounds back in the days in Europe when I was a kid.

A couple of times I've seen these trucks already stocking up early in the morning at the Samui Makro store before they go out and start selling their goodies.

Another , more hidden and less viewable sample food on wheels!



Martyn said...

Camille I bet the big wigs of Tesco Lotus will go mad if they view this post, they won't like losing revenue.

Camille said...

Hi Martyn,

Looks like Tesco Lotus already killed off enough Mom & Pop shops, this is the one that got away!