Sunday, 15 August 2010

The Shack Bar & Grill, Bophud Fisherman Village

The Shack Bar & Grill, Bophud Fisherman Village

Recently I had dinner here with a good friend and this place has a very good atmosphere and some excellent food. If you need meat, carne, fleisch, vlees and so on, the Shack should be high on your list of places to eat at.

It's located at the Fisherman Village in Bophud coming from the red lights at Samui's ring road keep going straight and pass under the the big Fisherman Village sign. At the t-crossing take a left and after about 5 or 600 meters it's on your left hand. The outside is looking good and shows you the grill in full view and action.

Everything is grilled in plain view and loads of meat come from the fire here. The quality of the meat is very good and the dishes are big enough to satisfy your stomach and cravings. There's plenty of specials available as well besides the menu.
Since we were talking away, I kinds forget to get some pictures of our food hat evening but it included a pork chop with red wine sauce, spare ribs which where really nicely done without fat or grease and chicken wings. All dishes being very enjoyable.

The place is run by an ex New Yorker and as I already said, the atmosphere inside is good, see picture above with a view from the bar onto the street.

If you get meat cravings, The Shack is the place to go to and a good idea to combine it on a Friday night with the Walking Street red carpet being laid out, although you miss out on all the Thai food on display!



Anonymous said...

You’re making me too hungry with your recent posts.

All the best, Boonsong

Camille said...

Hi Boonsong,

Maybe seriously time to consider a visit to Samui!

Ulysses said...

Hi Camille,
We are looking for a Local Jazz Band/ Singer for our wedding in December in Samui and as you are a local and full of local knowledge, I was wondering whether you would know of any contacts so that we can get in touch with the musician direct? Your help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Ulysses

Camille said...

Hi Ulysses,

Not really familiar in this field but will have a look around and see what I can come up with.

Martyn said...

Camille the Shack & Bar Grill looks my kind of place. I sometimes wonder what's happening to my food when its preparation is behind closed doors. I've heard some horrendous stories about restaurants here in the UK.

I had a similar experience to you at the Ban Chang Noy Resort in Udon Thani. I was taking photos of the place and my food suddenly arrived and it looked awesome. Before I knew it I had eaten the lot and forgotten to take a picture of the meal. Whoops, that sunk my post.

Camille said...

Hi Martyn,

I do like it if there's an open kitchen and more places tend to have them!

Time for me to visit the Ban Chang Noy resort if the food is that good!

Jos B said...

Hello Camille, nice blog.
I accidentally stumbled upon it looking for info on the Shack restaurant. Your name sounds Belgian and if so, best regards from Holland and looking forward to visit the beautifull Koh Samui with my family in July.

Best regards, Jos

Camille said...

Hi Jos,

Hope you will enjoy Samui and The Shack! I'm actualy Dutch!

Dus de groeten terug!