Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Food on Wheels; Pancake, the classic!

Food on Wheels; Pancake, the classic!

Yes, the pancake is the absolute classic in my opinion when it comes down to food on wheels in Thailand. They come on a variety of wheels as well, motorised but many times also hand pushed, like this one on Koh Tao.

This little pancake outlet is run by a very nice and friendly Bangla Deshi bloke who lives on Koh Tao since 9 years and he makes a nice little show out of his job and is pleasant and easy to talk to as well. Each day he wheels his cart away and back in place again!

Part of his show is the throwing and smashing around bit of the dough, to be followed by a pizza dough like swirling around during which the dough becomes rounder and bigger. Fun to watch!

The wait whilst the pancake sizzles in the pan, the hardest part of the whole event!

The finished product, my fave is a banana pancake with cinnamon. The person I was with had a egg, cheese, onion and tuna pancake and both were just delicious! A great snack in-between.
Not to forget, my kids love them!

What an invention, the food on wheels. I'm loving it, that's for sure!



Martyn said...

Camille I adore Thai pancakes or roti as they are known. They're a bit calorie laden but what the hell. In Amphor Phen (near Udon Thani) they sell for about 9 baht a go and two is more than enough to fill me up. Definitely one of my favourite Thai snacks.

Mike said...

Camille great photographs. This is one aspect of Thai life I would never complain about.

Boonie S said...

There's nothing quite like a good crêpe, uh?
Fascinating post, great photos. Thanks for this.

All the best, Boonsong

Paul Garrigan said...

I always feel a pull walking past these pancake stalls. I have to keep moving though because I'm trying to eat sensibly these days. In the big department stores in Bangkok they have these huge pancakes that are jammed full of cream - they look really good. One of these days I'm just going to have to stop and eat one.

Camille said...

Hi Paul,

These pancakes are nice and also small enough for a quick in-betweenie!

Camille said...

@Martyn, 9 Baht a go, you're kidding me, the Banana one I had today was 30THB! Island prices!! I need to have a word with the pancake union.

@Mike, good to hear from you and yes, it's a good aspect of Thai life, I think we can include the complete eat habits of this country into this statement!

@Boonsong, thanks for dropping by and yes, a nice crêpe does it every time. Tesco Lotus in Chaweng has Belgian wafles for sale now. Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Anonymous said...

Where on Koh Tao can we find this pancake cart? Thanks!

Camille said...


It's at the corner of the 7-11 directly when coming from the main pier in Mae Haad!