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Thursday, 13 March 2008

Wedding party on Chaweng lake road

It is wedding season on Samui!

This is the second wedding we attend this week with three more coming up within the next week! The stars must be right according to the various Monks.

Today was a big wedding, located at Chaweng lake road.

This to give you an idea how big the party is, with chairs and tables seemingly stretching forever.

This table dressing indicates a fairly well off wedding, with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red label. A lot of weddings have cheap Thai whiskey, earlier this week there was Thai Brandy and today saw Johnnie Walker Red.

Here a view of what was served, some form of Moo Waan (sweet pork, a massive leg!), Plaa Jaamet or Pomfret fish and a salad, later to be completed by fried rice, a soup and mixed vegetables with a sweet sticky rice as dessert. All well organised!

Here a view of the tables and eating part of the party in full swing. The place really filled up, we arrived shortly after 5 pm and when we left around 6 pm, there were still plenty of people arriving.

On the way home, two boxes for the envelop with money and in return you get a small token as memory of the wedding, varying from plates or cups and other cutlery.

More food and weddings coming up next week!



Monique said...

Jullie hebben 't dus goed aanstaan de komende tijd! Onze eerste Thaise bruiloft vond ik heel vreemd ... eten en wegwezen! ;)

Camille Lemmens said...

Hoi Monique,

Tsja, zo is dat op bruiloften hier in het zuiden, eten en wegwezen, we waren gisteren in PangKa, bij jou om de hoek, en hetzelfde verhaal, eten en wegwezen.

In Isaan schijnen ze het anders te doen, een paar dagen total loss met drinken en feesten!

Monique said...

Tja, daar is verder ook niet veel te beleven schijnt 't ...! ;)

Camille Lemmens said...

Dinsdag is er eentje bij ons tegenover, dan kan ik eens meemaken hoe laat het hier altijd wordt, nadat de 'eetgasten' weg zijn!