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Sunday, 9 March 2008

Spring is here and an update on the local temple

Spring is here and an update on the local temple, Wat Plai Laem

It's early March and also on Samui, spring roars it's head, unfortunately, not necessarily weather wise but definitely fruit wise. There's a lot of blossoming going on and our garden is no exception, fortunately.

One of the fruits that is blossoming in large quantities is a fruit called chompoo or rose apples, the red variation. Here's a picture of the very young fruit.

This is how they look when they fully blossomed. We can pick at least a kilo per day or more for over a week already.

Unfortunately the mango's or Mamuang in Thai are very rare so far.

Here's an update on the progress of the new Bot at Wat Plai Laem, the local temple, around the corner. If I stand on my balcony, I can see the temple.

The roof construction is now complete and it's really looking good. There's a few more things to complete at ground level which I'll keep you updated on.

This shows the new roof and especially the Cho Fa, the elongated and elaborately carved apex of the gable of a Buddhist temple. It is believed to represent the mythical Garuda.

More to follow in due time.


1 comment:

Monique said...

Die appeltjes zijn heerlijk ... echt dorstlessers! Hier ook niet veel mango's in de tuin. Vorige jaar hebben we moeten snoeien omdat de bomen wat erg groot werden en toen merkte ik wel dat de oogst ineens veel groter was. Dus snoeien maar ... ;)