Tuesday 18 March 2008

Chinese Temple, Maenam

The Chinese Temple in Maenam

Makes for a different Temple experience. It's a small but beautiful temple close to the beach in Maenam. At the traffic lights in Maenam, at 7-11, go down to the beach and when you're almost at the end of the road, there's a right turn, that leads you to this Chinese Temple, located at the next corner.

A frontal view of the Temple with clear differences compared to the Thai Temples.

There are many Chinese on Samui and most originate from the island of Hainan and brought their Chinese religion along with them.

Inside; the rich and colourful main altar of the temple.

Upon entering, on your left hand in the corner close to the street, there is this small table with some old black and white pictures on it. This is the stuff I really love to see and discover, a peek into the old Samui.

Inside the Temple, a sample of the intricate and colorful artwork the Temple can boost.

Outside the Temple again, across the road, where this small statue is located, which meaning I still need to find out.

On a tour around the island, this would be a nice and convenient quick stop just to experience a different kind of Temple. It's located very near to the beach and there are few places on the beach where it's nice to sit down, relax and have a drink.
What is a better way to finish this Chinese Temple blog entry with a link to the Students for a free Tibet blog.


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