Monday, 1 June 2020

Welcome to June 2020

Welcome to June 2020

First day of the month and welcome to June 2020 indeed. It's hot. Did I mention humid already? At 4pm it's 35C and I feel almost as if I'm being roasted. All energy is seeping out of you!

Nonetheless, we have a new normal at our hands with a lot of more shops allowed to open in Thailand. Massage shops, movie theaters and a few more things. Bangkok Air increased their flights to/from Bangkok from two per day to 4  peer day. Pattaya beach is open again! Step by step Thailand is opening up. Hopefully come 1st July, all restriction will have been lifted. Including international arrivals at the airports.

The weather is usually very nice during June. Yes, there's a rainy season, but nothing too serious. Plenty of tropical showers. However, also plenty of sunshine. You wished you were here!

Welcome to June 2020

Some funny person put a face mask on this elephants trunk at Wat Plai Laem. Just to show that Covid19 has no boundaries. Today also saw free rabid vaccines being given to dogs and cats by  government institution. Plenty of dog and cat owners came out to have their four feeted friends being injected.

All previous years, June has been a great month for running races. Not so much this year. All races have been cancelled. At the moment it's unclear when racing will be allowed again.

Stay safe and see you soon!

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