Sunday, 7 June 2020

Koh Samui, Thailand weekly weather update; 1st June – 7th June 2020

Koh Samui, Thailand weekly weather update; 1st June – 7th June 2020

Sunday morning and time for the Koh Samui, Thailand weekly weather update; 1st June – 7th June 2020. It's 11am and it's partially cloudy. Currently the sun is out, but before that it was more cloudy. Current temperature is 31C. As expected by now, it's also very humid.

Last week saw a very typical June week. A bit of rain here and there. Some hard tropical showers were part of the week. On the other hand, there was also sunshine. Combined with the humidity, it was hot and sweaty! The maximum temperature reached 35C early in the week. Most of the time it reached 33C to 34C. However, it's interesting how during a late afternoon tropical shower, the temperature dropped from the lower thirties into the mid-high twenties. On the other hand, the minimum temperature last week dropped to 23C a few nights. For very short periods though. Mostly it was 24-25C.

Some Covid19 updates. We have arrived in phase 3 of lowering restrictions. Massage parlors are allowed to open again, for instance. Cinemas can open their doors as well, but with limited capacity and no pop corn! 1st July may see opening of all borders and lifting of all restrictions. This is not confirmed yet, though. Not everybody will be allowed to enter Thailand at that moment. At the moment there's talk of 'travel bubbles'. In a nutshell, this means that tourists from countries that are good in controlling the virus, can access Thailand. Thais (and expats?) from Thailand can also visit these countries. This includes among others, China and Vietnam. It doesn't include most European countries or the USA at the time being.

Koh Samui, Thailand weekly weather update; 1st June – 7th June 2020

Koh Samui, Thailand weekly weather update; 1st June – 7th June 2020

Despite the current Covid19 situation, there's lots of road construction going on around the island. This is in front of our house in Plai Laem. After about a year of having stopped construction. now the workers are in full construction mode and work swiftly. The idea is that a walkway is constructed. For this, most households/owners need to hand over a tiny little bit of their land to the government. Not everybody is happy with that. Near us, two households refused to donate the land. The work was rested because of this. Now they continue again. Whoever doesn't want a new road/walkway in front of their house, they just pass by. It's now apparently up to you what you want. You want it nice later on, you have to take care yourself. Many houses actually did build on public road terrain and have now the illegal buildings removed. There's no discussion there. Other parts of the island also have road construction going. It does look a lot better to be honest. Just in my humble opinion that is.

For next week the predictions are are similar to the last 2-3 weeks. Partially cloudy,. This means hot and humid sunny moments. There can and most likely will also be tropical showers.

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As already mentioned in my Facebook page, there are many initiatives around the island for helping Thai and Burmese people with food and other donations.
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