Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Welcome to April 2020

Welcome to April 2020

April's Fool day and time to say welcome to April 2020. Just so you know, in Thailand it's illegal to make jokes about you being Covid19 positive.

Other than that, it is Covid19 making the headlines. Various conspiracy theories start popping up. The US blames China. China blames the US. What world did we end up in?

First things first though. The weather! April is typically the hottest month of the year. Although, during recent years we actually had a few showers during April. Can you imagine!
The big news this month, however, is that Songkran has been cancelled or postponed. No water throwing this year, no parades. It also means no iced water down my back, that's a good thing I guess!

In the meantime, travel restrictions are being tightened up. Different provinces may each have their own rules in place. 
Bangkok Airways will be grounding their fleet from 7 to 20 April. No more flights to/from Koh Samui. The logical next step will be to halt the ferries. Although, I don't think this is an option, since we need daily food supplies from the mainland.

Welcome to April 2020

Welcome to April 2020

Sunset as seen from our house, a few days ago. The weather has been great and that makes for some great sunsets. My camera isn't the best though and the view is from our house, so no dramatic orange sun explosions. However, the moon can be seen as a bright star. Despite Covid 19, nature is still as beautiful as it always is and was on Koh Samui.

Are there actually any tourists left on the island. In Koh Phangan? On Koh Tao? I doubt it very much, You must be able to count them almost on the fingers of one hand.
Most hotels are closed by now. Other hotels or resorts offer resident rates, to get locals to stay at their place.

Interesting times folks! If you have booked, don't cancel but postpone your trip. I hope the hotels/resorts and airline companies are easy going with restrictions on re-booking.

Be safe, keep your distance and wash your hands!

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