Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Goodbye to March 2020

Goodbye to March 2020

Last day of this month and time to say goodbye to March 2020.

Regarding the weather, we can be short. It was amazing! Sunny to partially skies all month long. Not a single raindrop in sight. It was warm to hot. A great time ti actually visit Koh Samui!
My sister and her family and my Mum were here, at the beginning of this month. Just in time to make it back home to the Netherlands in time. Before all the travel restrictions came in place.

Covid19 has an enormous impact on Koh Samui and Thailand. Just like any other country. Except that Koh Samui and it's surrounding island, are depending largely on the tourist industry. Many local Thai people have gone home. They don't have to pay rent there and can get by with little money each day.

Many shops are closed, some are required by law to close down. Like bars, massage parlors etc.
Other place, like supermarkets, banks and places that offer day to day living requirements remain open.
In Surat Thani province, to which Koh Samui belongs, markets are only open for fresh or take away food. Restaurants can only offer take away food. Hotels can only cater to guests. Each shop needs to close between midnight and 5am.

Drastic and unusual measures. However, many other countries have much more drastic rules in place, all the way down to complete lock downs. Just let's hope the virus will be under control soon. You can help yourself by practicing social distancing, wash your hands and stay inside as much as you can. Only leave the house for important issues, like grocery shopping.

Goodbye to March 2020

Goodbye to March 2020

Big Buddha has now a sign on display. Closed from 27th March. No opening date mentioned. Still a few people drop by every day and a few shops are still open.

Tomorrow the hottest month of the year starts. Some reports indicate that the Covid19 virus doesn't like the heat that much. Still no reason to lower your guard.
Be safe out there!

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If you're done resting or need something else to do, there's plenty of things on offer on and around Koh Samui, you can go snorkeling or diving or take a dive course.

Join me in a private dive trip with yours sincerely! 

Contact me for more detailed information once the current Covid19 situation has changed for the better, on any of the options mentioned. 


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