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Monday, 30 April 2018

Goodbye to April 2018

Goodbye to April 2018

The last day of this month always calls for a farewell and this month it's Goodbye to April 2018. The month of the heat and the month of Songkran or the Thai new year.

This years version of April delivered the goods when it comes down to warm, warmer, warmest! It was hot at times. Although the official measured temperature didn't go over 35C, just one this month, it felt so much warmer or hotter at times. Just sitting inside the house without the aircon on, sweat ran down your back like it was nothing.
There were a few times some tropical showers and the last three days saw some hard rain come down, which immediately lead to some minor flash flooding at the usual places. Nothing to get too excited about.

Goodbye to April 2018

Goodbye to April 2018; Songkran 2018 in Chaweng. Fun and wet as always. Check my blog here.

Songkran was the big event this month around Koh Samui and all of Thailand. For me it's a good thing that on Koh Samui the Thai New Year celebrations only last for one day. That's good enough, at least for me. The whole family went out and we ended up driving around the island in the back of a pick up.

It's time to sign off for this month, see you again in May! May you enjoy your time on our island!

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