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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Typhoon heading towards Koh Samui on 2nd November

Typhoon heading towards Koh Samui on 2nd November

There is a Typhoon heading towards Koh Samui on 2nd November. All weather forecast programs predict a typhoon strong storm to hit the Gulf of Thailand over the next couple of days, on it's way to Chumpon.

On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, the typhoon is supposed to hit Koh Samui, providing all forecasts are correct. It's another four days to go but it's better to be safe than sorry. We can only hope that this typhoon is not going to be as bad as it is predicted.

There's a graphic link to be found here, have a look and keep following that link over the next couple of days to see how things progress.

Typhoon heading towards Koh Samui on 2nd November

Typhoon heading towards Koh Samui on 2nd November

The current airflow down from the north west may get funneled and amplified into the Gulf of Thailand and might get mixed up with the yearly north-east monsoon, the monsoon that's about to start any moment.

Wind predictions of 90 miles per hour wind are currently predicted with over 300mm of rain in a day.
That's more than the 110mm we had last year with the known results of serious flooding. 
Current predictions have the typhoon hit Koh Samui during the night of Wednesday 1st November to Thursday 2nd November at 1am.

The fact that there will be real high tide twice a day, on 2nd November at 0833 and 2056 with 3.62m and 3.91m will make it even more difficult for water to flow away.

This is something to keep an eye out on and slowly start to take precautions.

This reminds of 1989 and Typhoon Gay, also known as the Kavali Cyclone of 1989, which was a small but powerful tropical cyclone that caused more than 800 fatalities in and around the Gulf of Thailand in November 1989. To date the worst typhoon to affect the Malay Peninsula in 35 years, Gay originated from a monsoon trough over the Gulf of Thailand in early-November. Owing to favorable atmospheric conditions, the storm rapidly intensified, attaining winds of more than 120 km/h (75 mph) by 3 November.

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Anonymous said...

The *lowest* level hurricane definition is sustained winds of 74 Miles per hour and this storm *was* predicted to be max of 60 mph.

So it was not a hurricane/cyclone/typhoon. It is simply a tropical storm but it hasn't even formed yet.

Now less than 12 hours later, look how much WindGuru's prediction has diminished. Now very little rain forecast for the 1st-2nd and winds that were expected to be 55+ knots are now down to 25.

Keep watching this over the next few days... WindGuru is notorious for being wrong.

Camille said...

It has indeed slowed down and the route has changed as well.
It was not only Windguru predicting this storm but all weather related websites that IO know and with just 4 days to go, it was definitely time to get some attention. Better too early than too late with things like this.
I'm very happy it has changed for the better but that is not always a guarantee.