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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Reticulated python in our garden

A reticulated python in our garden?
Since late 1999 I live on Koh Samui and I've had various encounters with snakes over the years. Some of them were whilst driving a bike and they were crossing the road or some green tree snakes in trees. Recently I see a lot of times dead, run over snakes during my runs and I've eaten a few snakes or drank their blood in my time. There is/was a snake restaurant near the Hat Yai bus station.
My fear level is still there but not anymore at 'a good snake is a dead snake' level.

Reticulated python in our garden

The python all curled up after it's rooster meal in the chicken pen

Over the last couple of weeks, we had our three hens in our garden disappear and we suspected that we had a big snake in our garden.

Reticulated python in our garden

Caught! Can you see the rooster sitting inside the snake?

This morning whilst walking next to the pen, the two roosters that were left were very quiet, so my wife peeked inside and saw a big snake curled up inside! We found the culprit and caught it red handed. One of the two roosters was inside the snake and it was sleeping and/or digesting our rooster.

Reticulated python in our garden

All stretched out, coming in at about 2 meters, small for a python, probably a juvenile

A Thai guy lives across the road from our house, who works at a snake farm in our hood and he was called in to catch our python and have it on display at the snake farm for the Korean tourists during their island tours.

Reticulated python in our garden

Handling the snake

He took in the situation and figured out what to do next. With two very simple tools, including a rope and a blue pvc pipe, he constructed the 'snake catch' tool and within moments he caught the dozing snake. It looked so easy but I wouldn't want to do it myself!

Reticulated python in our garden

The pythons head

Once caught, the snake was put into a bag, the bag tied up and the snake is on it's way into a new glass cage living house, entertaining Korean tourists. No more eating our hens and roosters! The garden is clean again, so it's time for us to get some new hens!

So much for construction and eliminating wild life!
An exciting morning!

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