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Friday, 29 May 2015

Food on Wheels; Somtam on the move

It's time for another episode of the Food on Wheels series, and although I'm in the Philippines right now, I picked this item; Food on Wheels; Somtam on the move. Partly because at Panagsama beach near Moalboal, where I am, there are not so many options to catch for this series, hopefully later when I visit Dumaguete or Manila, there will be more options available.

Food on Wheels; Somtam on the move

The Somtam seller with her carry on pole fro over her shoulder, with two heavy baskets at each side

This addition to the series is actually about food by foot rather than wheels. Earlier this months whilst driving on a bike through Chaweng, I saw the classic somtam seller sitting next to the road, selling her goods, bbq'ed chicken or catfish and somtam. 

Food on Wheels; Somtam on the move

One basket has the bbq and the meat and fish or the 'khao niao ping' (bbq'ed sticky rice)

It's a heavy load that she's carrying around and it was part of my daily food, way back in the days when I was working at a resort outlet of a dive center during the first couple of years that I lived on Koh Samui. Each day various somtam sellers  walked by on the beach and for 30 or 40.-THB you could get a somtam with some meat and bbq'ed sticky rice. My girlfriend at the time being, who later became my wife, often visited me around lunch time and we happily munched away together.

Food on Wheels; Somtam on the move

The other basket has all the ingredients for the somtam (papaya salad)

When I drove by, I knew I had to stop and tale some pictures for this series. First of all it is displaying some very traditional food and secondly it's also carried around in a very traditional way and thirdly, for my own nostalgic reasons.

Food on Wheels; Somtam on the move

A view over the scene of selling somtam

Hope you enjoyed this addition to the ever growing series of 'Food on Wheels', this is addition #70, and hope to see you back next month with another variation on this almost never boring aspect of living in Thailand and South East Asia in general. 

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