Wednesday 16 July 2014

Kobori on the menu again!

After the opening of Kobori restaurant in Maenam back in late January, we've been back a couple of times since and changes have progressed nicely at the restaurant. From a simple A4 single sheet of paper menu there's a now multi-paged menu with pictures of all dishes and the menu has changed a lot from the early days and has increased in size.

Plenty of new dishes have been added and the quality and taste are still the same; awesome! Japanese food at it's best on Samui!

Here are some of the new dishes listed;

Kobori; crab stick cheese roll

The above pictured crab stick cheese roll is deep fried and will go down well with children.

Eel California roll

This was one of my faves of the evening, very tasty and well prepared. The eel is usually a little bit more expensive but well worth the money!

Pork rice bowl

Brilliant in it's simplicity. The pork and it's sauce drip into the rice and you get a very tasty rice, tasting the sauce in every bite, without being too much in your face!

Pork cutlet bowl

Very similar to the pork rice bowl, but different! The sauce is similar but the cutlet makes all the difference. Nicely filled with egg and a great sauce, you long for more.

Ramen soup with soy sauce

An excellent ramen soup, with Japanese ramen made in Bangkok. Very special and delicious. The ramen soup comes in three variations, the pictured soy sauce, a miso and a pork variation can also be had.

Japanese style spaghetti with salted cod roe sauce

It's always worthwhile checking out the 'special of the day', usually available in limited quantities but well worth trying. This was the winner of the evening for me. The Japanese are fond of Italian food and just like the Thais, they adopt and adapt spaghetti into their own taste! The Thais may offer a spaghetti with green curry, yesterday Kobori offered this salted cod roe sauce variation. Just fantastic and very fishy and indeed, nice and salty.

Tea variations

Soon on the menu: tea variations. Starting out with 4 different teas, matcha green tea (imported from japan), lemon tea, milk tea and Oolong tea. All tea's will have little additions to make them their 'own' Kobori tea's!

Sake heaven

Kobori is offering a wide array of different Sake's. Some are only available for a short time, since they may be hand carried from Japan but the sake on offer is in a wide variation and good. If you're not that familiar with sake, try the cold variation, much preferred over the hot sake at my taste buds.

Japanese chef Kobori in person

All in all, a very good eating and dining experience was had by out whole family again and I'm glad to be able to show you the new additions to their menu. After 6 dishes in an average restaurant/cuisine you may feel very full and feel heavy, with Japanese food though, I find that you are full but you don't feel stuffed like other cuisines, where the food may lay heavy on your stomach.

I thoroughly enjoyed last night's dinner and can only highly recommend trying out their menu.
Kobori can be found at the traffic lights in Maenam, towards the ocean, about half way into the soi at your right hand, coming from the traffic lights and you can visit their website here.

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