Thursday 24 July 2014

Kila Amphur Koh Samui 2014

Yesterday saw this years version of the Kila Amphur on Koh Samui, After reports in 2009, 2010 and 2012, here's the low down for this year.

Kila Amphur, drum major

Drum majors getting ready for their parade

Last year our eldest daughter participated in the running event, this year she switched back to a more 'girly' activity and became a drum major.

Kila Amphur, field workers

Filed workers waiting for their turn

They were the first school to start the parade, which suited me just fine. My wife came down by car with a load of children, all dressed up for their parade. This years alarm went off at 2am!

Kila Amphur, candy

Walking candy wrappers?

Since I still had lots of things to prepare for my departure to South Korea later today, I went by motorbike, which allowed to make an early exit back home. A wise move, the rest of the family didn't get back until 4pm!

Kila Amphur, flag

The flag is always there, patriotism is big during these kind of events

Our son marched also in the parade, with his fellow classmates, depicting various ASEAN countries, he had been given a Thai traditional dress.

Kila Amphur

The actual kila, during this years event

It was fairly sunny and hot and a long day was lying ahead for everyone involved. The food and drunks vendors did good bunines during this week.

Kila Amphur, waiting

Waiting, it's going to be a long day

It's a big event, held ll over country during this time of year, not necessarily during the same week or weekends. A lot of practice time precedes every year the actual event and classes come virtually to a stand still, in order to practice the various moves, dances etc that are part of the event.

Kila Amphur, waiting

The music equipment is quite heavy and can easily be parked

Each school presents their moves in front of the local 'powers that are' and the parade just moves on very slowly. Everybody who had already completed their part, has to wait in the middle of the sports ground, where it can become very hot indeed.

Kila Amphur, the wait

The wait, you don't get to walk everyday on high heels

As in previous years, it was great to see my children in action, but after a short while I was also grateful and happy that I could leave again. Making pictures during the event is always fun though!

Kila Amphur, busy

Busy roads around the sports park, loaded with parked cars, motorbikes and food stalls

Hope you enjoy this insight in local life in Thailand, more to come next year!

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