Wednesday 9 July 2014

Durian season is here again!

Are you a durian lover or hater? Admittedly, I wasn't won over at first sight by this 'King of Fruits', it took me a bit of time to start to appreciate the taste and especially the smell of durian!

Walking a thin line

Walking a thin line to pick the durians

Once you start to enjoy durian though, the very strong odour of the edible flesh is either liked and considered sweet or rotten and compared to sewage. There seems to be no middle way with this fruit! You either like it or you don't. 
Many hotels in the South East Asian region, including Thailand, forbid to bring durians into the hotel rooms.

Catching durian

Catching durian, to prevent the fruit from 'bruising'

After a short while, I made the transition from a durian hater to a durian lover, and whenever I smell durian nowadays, it brings a smile on my face and the search for the origin of the smell starts!

On the way to the market

Off to be sold, on the way to the market

Here's a link to a durian lover blog, with some good advice on how to buy a durian. It needs expertise!
We get some of our yearly fruits from family who farm them high on the hills on the Samui inland and we know the fruit hasn't been sprayed.

All pictures were taken by Jim P, last year, inland from between Lipa Noi and Hua Thanon. The name of the farm is Grand Kingdom of Samui.

Go out and give the durian a try, you may actually enjoy it!

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