Thursday, 8 May 2014

Food on Wheels; Bakso on Gili Air in Indonesia, part 2

It's 'Food on Wheels' time again, and whilst I'm almost 3 weeks during May on Gili Air in Indonesia, it makes sense to show off a local sample. That's easier said than done though.

Bakso on Gili Air, Indonesia

The bakso push cart full frontal view

There isn't as much going on here on the island in the 'Food on Wheels' department but this evening I got lucky! There was a Bakso soup push cart near the restaurant where we had dinner, and I immediately took the opportunity to get some pictures in.

Bakso on Gili Air, Indonesia

The ingredients to 'tasten up' the soup

It's the second Bakso soup cart I spotted on the island, the first one that I spotted, just over two years ago, and sadly seems to be no longer around.

Bakso on Gili Air, Indonesia

Side view

The Bakso soup comes probably close to the Thai Kuaitiao soup, although Bakso seems to be made with beef and the Thai variation with a lot more options, like pork and fish balls.

I'm happy to have spotted this local variation and ma happy to share it here.

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