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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Khao Luang National Park and Karom Waterfall, Lan Saka

During our visit to Lan Saka, where I participated this morning in the 3rd Lan Saka mini marathon, organized by the local hospital, we also visited the Khao Luang National Park today, nearby Lan Saka.

The entrance to the park

The park is easily to find when you're leaving Lan Saka in a Southern direction. We stayed at the Loy Chalet hotel, but opposite the entrance on the main the road is the Khao Luang hotel which looks very promising (next to the river which allows tubing) and just before the actual entrance is a resort and inside the park you can also find accommodation. Plenty of choices are available.

As always in Thailand, dual pricing is the norm of the day

After showing the lady at the entrance proof that I pay taxes in Thailand and a short preach by her about having to show some sort of proof like a work permit or the like, I did pay the Thai entrance fee of 40.-THB and the children went for free! Strangely enough there was a 30,-THB car fee which is nowhere displayed!

The entrance to the Karome waterfall inside the park

The biggest attraction at the park must be the Karome waterfall. One of many in the area but surely the biggest and most spectacular one.

Level 4 of the waterfall

The waterfall has 19 levels but only 7 are accessible for the public. The levels have also names, with the last one, 'Naan Daat Fah' the most spectacular and it includes a big basin.

A steep view down

The park is very well maintained and clean and the park rangers seem to be doing a good job for which the entrance fee is well deserved and apparently used to better the park.
For instance; various toilets are build on the road leading up to the main waterfall level, an excellent service and not that typical for Thai national parks, from what I've seen so far.

Signage along the road, it's 'only' 600 meters to the main level!

All around the park is well maintained, as the picture of the signage above shows, the toilets proof and the it was tidy and clean. Hats off to the park rangers for taking care so well.

View along the way, very impressive and spectacular views are guaranteed!

The road leading up and down again

As already mentioned, all is very well maintained and the roads are well taken care of. Any fallen trees blocking the road are sawed in half and removed from the paths and the paths seem to be fairly new and in a good state. It made a safe impression on me which can not always be said of many places in Thailand.
The walk up is 'only' 600 meters but seems a lot longer but because the paths in the hill are shaded, it's not too bad and on a regular base some seating arrangements can be found for a well deserved rest or for taking the beautiful scenery and nature in.

The main waterfall; Naan Daat Fah

The walk up is well worth it, once you reach the final waterfall you are presented with a fantastic view of the fall and a big basin in front of it. There's a big shaded picnic or relaxing are with benches and a sala. Bring your own food and/or drinks though, there's nothing for sale this far up the hill.

The basin in front of the Naan Daat Fah waterfall, nice and cold but apparently not open for swimming

King Rama VI initials

In 1917, King Rama VI visited the park and carved his initials into the rock (right click on the picture and open in a new tab for a better view), another reason to make it all the way to the top!

A great time was had by all 4 of us, the children loved it and my wife enjoyed it also. If in this part of the world, it's well worth a stop and checking out or maybe even plan a trip here! The whole Lan Saka area is nice and worth checking out.

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