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Monday, 28 January 2013

Lan Saka

Here's a short impression of Lan Saka in the province of Nakon Si Thammarat, where we spent the weekend and went for a 10.5km mini marathon, organised by the local hospital and my first race in the new year.
We had a good time and enjoyed our time there and hopefully we can share this with these pictures.

The best Ozone or O3 in Thailand

As already pictured in an earlier post, in September 2011 Lan Saka was awarded the best ozone in Thailand predicate and we visited the location just outside of the city, on a hill where this monument in commemoration is erected and with some great views.

The Kaeow Surakan Cave, just outside of down town Lan Saka

The cave pictured above is nice and has a wide opening with two Buddha statues in it. If you have a guide you may go inside the tunnel system but this is not recommended if you don't know your way around.

Baan Sai Klong restaurant

Saturday we had lunch at this lovely place, the Baan Sai Klong restaurant, one of the best lunches in a long time. Some real good traditional Thai food to be had (no English menu available but very friendly staff) with real heavy cutlery, the latter a rare occasion in Thailand. The food was just delicious and the place was very nicely decorated and made out of teak wood! They're open between 11am and 9pm. Leave Lan Saka South bound and just after a kilometer or so it's on your left hand.

Small river streams like this are everywhere

The scenery is just beautiful with small streams like above all over the place and mountains all around. The Khao Luang is the highest mountain in Southern Thailand. Breath taking views are not hard to find, even if you just follow the main road.

View over the mountains

Just cruising around as we did is fun around Lan Saka and you can find plenty of water falls and occasions or views to have a road side stop and take the scenery in. Very enjoyable indeed.

Karom watrefall in the Khao Luang National park

The national park is well worth a visit, see my previous post on the park and enjoy your day out! The city of Lan Saka is maybe not that well known to the average tourist but since this weekend I can recommend a visit here and it's slightly off the beaten track.

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