Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Reggae Pub Chaweng, 25th Anniversary on 12th February 2013

This is my 14th year on Koh Samui and there were a few constants during this time, one of them is the Reggae Pub.
I've spend a few evenings/nights in there with friends and also some outings with my wife were had here.
The Reggae Pub is a big name in Samui's nightlife, the whole street leading up to the Reggae Pub is even named after it, Soi Reggae!

Reggae Pub Chaweng, 25th Anniversary 12th February 2013

Big party ahead!

One of my memories is the drinking beer as fast as you can contest, which I won at one occasion. There must be even a picture of that floating around somewhere!
DJ Sergio is also unforgettable with the Reggae Pub. Some good times were had although now it's been a while since I last visited.

Reggae Pub, 25th Anniversary 12th February 2013

This coming 12th February a milestone in the Reggae Pub's history with the 25th Anniversary coming up and a big party is in the making.

Reggae pub, Chaweng, trip down memory lane

Reggae pub, Chaweng, a trip down memory lane

If you've been there or not, the 12th February might be a a good time to be at the Reggae Pub and enjoy a good party.

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Anonymous said...

ive been there last night in reggea pub..it was so amazing..but i want to ask if you know what are the names of the bands playing last night?...thanks....

Camille said...

Good to see that you liked it but unfortunately I don't know the names of the bands.