Thursday, 11 October 2012

Government Hospital Surat Thani town

It's the second time I visit this hospital in Surat Thani town and on both occasions it was not so good occasions. The first time involved a visit to a friend who was waiting for repatriation back to the UK after what turned out to be, in the long run, a fatal motorbike accident on Koh Samui. This was a few years back, many 10 years or a little bit more.

Government Hospital Surat Thani

Government Hospital Surat Thani town, main entrance

This time around it was to wait and see the result of an operation on my Mother in law. Unfortunately the result was not good and we hope she will recover soon enough and that she will be strong enough to make the trip back to Koh Samui as soon as possible.

The hospital is one of the bigger ones in the South of Thailand and apparently even attracts patients not alone from the more direct surroundings including Koh Samui, but also from as far away as Phuket, Trang and similar big(ish) Southern Thai cities.

I will try to write a post on life and conditions inside this hospital, something that is has hard to fathom as a Westerner.

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