Wednesday, 29 July 2009

La Fortune stranded on Bang Rak Beach

La Fortune stranded on Bang Rak Beach

La Fortune is a traditional Junk boat entirely build with teak woods. It's for rent for cruises around Samui and has been here on Samui for a few years already.
However, just on the 25th July, when I wrote that the strong winds seemed to be over, there was a massive storm in the evening that beached La Fortune junk ship on Bang Rak Beach along with a few speed boats.

The boat has been put upright now and they're waiting for the tide to take it out to the ocean and set sail again.

After 4 days of digging and fixing, there weas no major damage to the vessel, it's now hopefully capcable to elave the beach under it's own power.
Part of the timely efforts were that the boat weighs 80 tons and the biggest crane on the island can only handle weights up to 40 tons.

A back view of La Fortune whilst it's sitting on Bang Rak beach.

A currently not so cheeky monkey, one of the speedboats that was beached as well. Today it was the only boat left on the beach, basides La Fortune, just within a 100 meters of each other.
Hopefully for the owner of La Fortune he will be a bit more fortunate and the boat will be able to operate again soon. Good luck to them and don't hesitate to enquire about their trips.


Bronwyn said...

Hi Camille, We went on board this boat while in Samui and it is a real beauty of a boat. We were waiting for our friend to return on his speed boat and we were invited to look around on La Fortune by the skipper by the name Aye? I hope it has not suffered too much damage. Bronwyn

Camille Lemmens said...

Hi Bronwyn,

A nice and comfy boat indeed and no, they didn't suffer too much damage so I hope they'll be back in business soon.

Jonquefortune said...

Thanks for your paper on our boat.

If you can put in your blog than my wife Florence organise this evening a Jazz event in Karma resort it's will be good.