Tuesday 21 July 2009

Kila Amphur Koh Samui 2009

Kila Amphur Koh Samui 2009

The Kila Amphur is a two day event where all schools from Amphur Koh Samui participate in and the children (students) take part in parades in the South of the island at Baan Namuang. It's held every year but the last couple of years I didn't have time due to my own work. This is the second time I witness the Samui version.
It's an event that's held all over the country but on different dates for each Amphur (=district).

Today the Anubaan or pre-school children in the age group from 4 to 7 have their own day, in the morning with the parades and during the afternoon sport contests are held. Tomorrow the 7 to 12 year old will do it all over again!
In good Thai tradition, food and drinks are available all around the parade/sports ground, no reason to go hungry now, would we!
As the picture above shows, plenty of camera eager parents gather for the event.

A good thing that the First Aid was taken care of by these smart young boys and girls.

The Parade consists of each school, around 20 on Samui, have the children dress up as drum major the girls) or similar and the boys most often in a more traditional Thai dress. Into the mix are all the music groups who beat out a very simple and basic rhythm.

As in every public event, His Majesty the King and the Queen are very present on a variety of pictures carried around by pupils of each school.

At the far end of the sports stadium that is used south of Lamai, the jury inspects the troops as they march by with the trophies/prices glistering in the sun. It looks like nobody will go home empty handed and all schools will have a new trophy to show for.
See you next year, same place probably very similar time!

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