Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Who wants a new airport on Samui?

Who wants a new airport on Samui?

There's currently, once more so to say, a discussion going on about Samui needing a 2nd airport.

The Bangkok Post has published an excellent article today and especially the summary is well written with very good insight;

Surely, slowing development to resolve existing problems before they completely get out of control would be the wisest choice.

Conclusion: It appears there will be no problem raising funds (to the tune of 2 billion baht) to build a new airport. A concerted effort to address and deal with many of the problems plaguing Samui today would cost a lot less. The present dispute over the new airport should be seen as an opportunity to re-examine Samui's present state of development. Instead of more indiscriminate development and building, the island urgently needs visionary planning based on sustainable tourism concepts.

We should not allow this beautiful island to become another victim of short-sighted and destructive, big-money politics. Efficient solutions to the island's present problems, the long-term effect on limited natural resources and ultimate sustainability should be carefully considered before any more development takes place.

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Samui Ex-Servicemen said...

I can only agree with this summary, get the basics sorted before progressing top the next level and everybody will be happy.

Anonymous said...

Is another airport really needed in Samui? You're saying this would be an additional airport, and not just a bigger airport to replace the current one? You probably have the best position to base an opinion on this.

Unless things have changed markedly in the past 2 years I don't really think another airport is necessary.

Camille Lemmens said...

Samui Ex-Servicemen,

Good to see that you agree, it's almost an unusual good piece of reporting.


There's no real need for a new airport on Samui in my opinion. The article adresses this very well, amongst other by stating that people are just trying to trick out BKK Airways.

Another reason is that you need a certain distance between two airprorts, which would not be gauranteed on Samui.

It would be nice though if BKK Airways had some competition and prices dropped!