Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Goodbye to April

Goodbye to April 2008

It's been a slightly strange April, this year. It started out very good. It was hot and it got hotter and than it got so hot that it was getting to be become uncomfortable.

That's when it all of a sudden turned upside down, we had rain, not just a bit, but similar rains as during the rainy season in October/November. Thunderstorms and lots of heavy wind were raging all over Thailand, which is for most parts of Thailand very unusual during this time of the year.
Right now it has quieted down again but next week, early May, shows some potential thunderstorms again.

Is it part of the Global Warning possibly?

Let's look forward to the up and coming month, May and to some good weather.

Hope you enjoyed my reports during this month and to see you back again on a regular base.


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