Saturday, 16 February 2008

Pee Soon Restaurant, Chaweng

Pee Soon Restaurant, Chaweng

The restaurant has moved location since the whole area where it was located has undergone serious reconstruction, update August 2013

Has been an all time favorite of my wife and me for the past 7 years that we know each other. My parents are also very fond of this whenever they come over as is my sister and her family and pretty much everybody we ever brought here! Nuff said, one would think!

It was a while ago that we've been here last and things have changed a bit. Unfortunately their cook for more than 10 years, who started out as a young boy as kitchen help, has left and that was noticeable.

The seafood is still as good as ever but the the 'a la carte' dishes didn't have the same magic anymore as with the former cook! We loved the Pomfret deep fried fish and the other fresh seafood, but the soups and other dishes just didn't have it. They were still good, don't get me wrong but just not up to the same standards as before.

Here's a bit of the food we had, bottom left, a green curry (Kaeng Khiao Wan Kai), Garlic Pepper squid (Pla Muek Thot Gratiam Phrik Thai), Deep fried Pomfret (Pla Chalamet), Sai On Toth, Mussels (Hoi Lai Phat Prik Chao) and fried rice with veggies (Kao Pat Pak).

Still worthwhile visiting though and it's located opposite the new short cut to the airport, up the road the ring road, where the one way system starts in Chaweng. Just before the first 7-11 you will encounter, heading for he ring road on your left hand.

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