Thursday, 21 February 2008

Pattaya temples

An unusual view of Pattaya, one of it's Temples;

On the corner of PattayaThai and 2nd Road is a very big Temple which I visited this morning. Due to fact that it's Macha Bucha day, the temple was crowded with locals paying respect to Buddha.

Inside the Temple grounds I found this explanation which is always useful when you're visiting a Temple or attraction.

As already mentioned, the Temple was packed with locals paying respect to Buddha, the priests are doing overtime blessing all the people visiting today.

This beautiful stupa is also located within the Temple grounds and it's surrounded by brass bells, which. One is supposed to walk around with a big wooden stick and hit each individual bell. Since it was so busy, there was a bit of a noise going on here!

Last but not least, I also went up the hill overlooking Pattaya, where there's another Temple and a Navy statue of Admiral Krong Luang Jumborn Khet Udonsak.

The views over Pattaya bay and the surroundings are stunning here and are an absolute recommendation, especially in the evenings after sunset!


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