Sunday, 3 February 2008

Buddha is watching over Chaweng

Since a few months, there's a stupa being build overlooking Chaweng.

It's located at the same road as the Art Palace and Q Bar, overlooking Chaweng.

Once you drive up on the hill, towards the Q Bar, there's a round about that goes all along the new building, but you gotta walk up some stairs and a little path way, along lovely green and scenery, to get to the actual building. Once you reach the roundabout, there's a parking lot at your right hand and it's than about 100 meters to walk to the stairs, leading up to the building.

This is the actual building. As you can see, it's still under construction, which will hopefully have me go there on a regular base and update on progress.
There are plenty of richly decorated ornaments laying around inside the building, waiting to be installed.

We really enjoyed the views from the roundabout. My wife, who is born on Samui, was never up on this hill and really enjoyed, here are some views, above, the airport and part of Bang Rak with even Big Buddha in the background.
Below a view over Chaweng.

It's not as big as the Phuket Big Buddha, under construction, for which you can also find more info on Jamie Monk's Phuket blog but it looks like a nice building and an interesting addition to Chaweng's attractions for the near future.
It's highly recommended for the fantastic view over Chaweng and Bang Rak, especially at night it must be spectacular.
It looks like it's being build next to an existing, but very much neglected, small Temple. Hopefully that will be revived and patched up as well.

Stay tuned,



Anonymous said...

Zo'n 4 weken geleden zijn we die kant opgeweest met de brommer (dan zie je meer dan in de auto), maar hoe heb ik deze nu over het hoofd kunnen zien? Ik zal de vorderingen van de stupa via je log in de gaten houden!

Camille Lemmens said...

Hoi Monique,

Volgende keer als je in Chaweng bent toch echt effe voorbijgaan! Prachtig mooi uitzicht.