Saturday 30 November 2019

Goodbye to November 2019

Goodbye to November 2019

It's the last day of that dreaded rainy season month and a good moment to say goodbye to November 2019. Problem is, if you can call it a problem, that there was hardly anything to dread last month.
This years rainy season didn't really start until the last week of November.
Before that, the first 3 weeks of this month, were beautiful. Lots of sunshine, lots of blue or partially clouded skies and yes, there was an occasional shower. However, nothing like we sometimes experience during a 'normal' or standard rainy season. That was all kept for the last week of the month.
Here the rainy season kind of roared it''s ugly and wet mouth,but it was ll within reason. Yes, there were of course the known hot spots where the flash floods happen. All in all though, an exceptionally nice November this 2019 version.

Even this morning, it is starting out partially clouded with a 25C temperature at 7am.

Goodbye to November 2019

Goodbye to November 2019

Broken spirit houses are placed next to the road in Choengmon. Near the Tongsai Bay hotel. Have you ever seen this before? If a spirit house, which is used to protect and bless the house you live in, breaks, it placed on a raod. Typically it's placed on a location where many accidents happen or happened. It's common use to honk your motorbike or car horn three times when you pass such a location. These stretches of broken spirit houses can be found all over Koh Samui and for that matter, all over Thailand.

The last third of this month I find myself on Malapascau in the Philippines, teaching a PADI IDC here. The next coming days we should be under the influence of typhoon Kammury, We're on the outskirts of it though. It will be interesting though.

Time to look forward though, tomorrow is the start of a new month. We're also closing in on the end of the year! Always exciting times.
Enjoy your time on the island and let's cross our fingers that the rain isn't too bad over the next couple of weeks.

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