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Friday, 3 June 2016

Sponsoring my new set of running shoes

Sponsoring my new set of running shoes

Here's a slightly unconventional way to get myself a pair of new running shoes. Two sets of Vibram Five Fingers shoes are walking on their last legs and I need to replace them but don't have the fund to do so. I'm asking for sponsors and donation to get the required 4,000.-THB together.
There's a donation button at the bottom of this page, any support is welcome and can be seen as a token of support and apprecation for the time and dedication I put into this blog.

Sponsoring my new set of running shoes

Holes under the heels, preparing for becoming a bare foot runner?

As a follower and reader of my blog, you may know my love for running by now. It's my hobby and I enjoy it tremendously. However, two pairs of my running shoes are about to disintegrate and short of becoming a complete 100% bare foot runner, which would be my next step and currently only avaialble ption, I hope to be bale to generate enough money from generous donations to be able to get a new pair of Vibram Five Fingers Evo.

Sponsoring my new set of running shoes

The soles have been ripped off and can't be used anymore

Any donation is welcome, as small or big as you can afford and in the unlikely event I get more than the needed 4,000.-THB, race fees, travel expenses and loads of other bills will be paid from it.

Thanks in advance


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