Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 2nd March, 2016

Today's weather;

It's cloudy and grey this morning over Koh Samui with possibly some rain during the early afternoon. Not a great start to the new month. Current temp at 7am is 27C

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 2nd March, 2016

New parking spots at the government hospital in Nathon, in the middle of the road between two rows of parked cars. There's indeed a shortage of parking spots, but if this is the solution? The cars in the middle block the cars on the left and right and if you're parked in the middle, how are you getting out of that? Not too great thinking, in my humble opinion!

Yesterday saw a partially sunny morning but at around 2pm we had a strong shower that lasted a while and it remained cloudy for the remainder of the day. Max temp reached 30C

The forecast is looking slightly better again. A breeze and an occasional until and during the weekend and some more chance of sunshine after the weekend.

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