Friday, 31 July 2015

Goodbye to July 2015

It's the end of another month and time to say goodbye to July 2015. This July version was just like the two previous ones, not a very good July when it comes down to the weather.

Despite having had some sunny and nice days, the majority of this years July days were wet and sometimes even with very strong wind, especially the first half of this month.

Goodbye to July 2015

Aerial view of Bang Rak and it's bay during landing at Samui airport

It was not a very busy month for me at work, almost a tradition in July, and I was able to spent time at home all month long, which is nice for a chance. I did go back to work on Samui though, and worked as a dive instructor, conducting various PADI DSD programs towards the end of the month.

Furthermore there was the yearly Kila Amphur event, where our two eldest children participated. Most of the time this month however,  was spent at home! Due to an injury there was no running and no events I participated in, although there were a few that I would have gone to, if I would have been injury free. These races have to wait until next year!

Hope you enjoyed this month and I'm already looking forward to August, which seems to have turbulent weather beginning of the month for us!

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Nora2703 said...

Hey, I am from norway and will be visiting Koh samui this summer. I run on a daily basis and I wonder if there are any tracks or running fields in Koh Samui:)

Camille said...

There are no real tracks, we usually run early in the day, around 5am (when it's still dark) or 6am before the heat starts. We run mostly on the road, either a simple out and back or a route if you know the hood.
You may want to check in again and see if some people are running, maybe check the 'Koh Samui runners' Facebook group.