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Friday, 27 February 2015

Food on Wheels; Shake it baby

This month edition of; Food on Wheels; Shake it baby. It sometimes becomes hard to find an original item for this series and this month I had to go back in time for almost a year to find this beauty from Phuket!

Food on Wheels; Shake it baby

Food on Wheels; Shake it baby the front view

After the Mobile burger tuk tuk from April last year, here is it's neighbour, the Shake mobile. In a super small mini van, almost the size of a stamp but still with an engine and a drivers license is required, from this vehicle you can buy fresh fruits shakes and juices.

Food on Wheels; Shake it baby

Food on Wheels; Shake it baby with a look inside

Inside of the vehicle you can fins a small fridge, an ice cube holder and a  small seat and not too much else since by now the inside is full!

Food on Wheels; Shake it baby

The front view

It's amazing to see what people come up with as ideas for things to sell and it makes me wonder how many of them can make a living out of this. I can only hope for the best for this entrepreneur!

Food on Wheels; Shake it baby

The 'other side' of the vehicle

This particular market is each Tuesday near Chalong circle on Phuket at Homepro town in case you're interested. Plenty of other food on sale there and other bits and pieces that warranty a visit.

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