Thursday 26 February 2015

Escapology in Lamai

Escapology in Lamai is an escape game which is located at the Beach Republic hotel in Lamai. We were invited last weekend and with a group of six we were locked up in a room, with the task to get out within 60 minutes. Easier said than done!

Escapology in Lamai

One of the banners outside of Escapology in Lamai premises at the Beach Republic

There are two games to choose from, the 'The Cuban Crisis', which we played and 'Shanghaied', a challenge we need to tackle and sort out soon! 
With 'The Cuban Crisis' a team is tasked with the urgent quest for clues from Cold War Soviet intelligence; during 'Shanghaied', solving puzzles earns coveted freedom from the clutches of the evil pressgang. Each of the adventure games is set in a series of themed rooms, with detailed puzzles, riddles and clues. 
You can play the game with 2 to 6 people and there's a minimum age of 7 years old.

Escapology in Lamai

The entrance

The games are a lot of fun and it was a lot more challenging than we expected. The staff is there to help in case you need it or request, but you are penalized with a time deduction in your game plan for each hint you receive. We needed two hints to get ourselves out of the rooms. Teamwork is of importance though and some clues are tricky but slowly and bit by bit hints and clues come together.

Our Escapology group

When clues start coming together, they will help you finding keys or lock combination numbers, only to find even more locks that need unlocking. Be warned though, some of the apparent clues may just be there for decoration use only, which can be misleading and add to the overall fun and confusion.

Escapology in Lamai

With staff, Khun Tat on the right and Khun Sugar on the left 

The locations is great and the staff was very nice and helpful, kudo's and thanks to them! The price is also good and it gives you an alternative to get away from the beach or 'another' shopping spree, let alone during a rainy day.
Visit their website fir more information about pricing and opening hours (from 10am with the last game starting at 7pm) and one great offer is a 50% discount when you have a Sunday brunch at the Beach Republic.

What are you waiting for, go on and join the fun and see if you can beat the record for getting out!

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