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Monday, 1 September 2014

Welcome to September 2014

September is in the air and in good Samui info and weather blog tradition, here is a brief preview on the weather in September.

The weather is usually fairly good during September, plenty of sunshine although towards the end of the month some strong wind and an occasional shower, although nothing too major or serious could occur. The nice August weather is typically carried over into September and lots of sunshine should be around.

Bophud area

Just over 10 years ago, on the right is the road that leads to the departures of the airport as it is today. On the right corner is now a 7-11 (what else?) and there's a lot more buildings now in general. If you like this picture, I have a few more from this series, let me know and I will post some more

This September will see me back on the island late during 9th September and I should be for the remained of the month on Samui. I'm looking forward spending some time with my family.

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Karan said...

Love the old pics....keep them coming.....

Camille said...

Thanks Karan, I will post some more soon.

Richard said...

Id love to see more...maybe an old picture next to what it looks like today ?

Camille said...

Thanks Richard,
That's a good idea, I will need to spend some time on Samui and check the locations!

Anonymous said...

The old pictures remain me of my first stay w0 years ago.