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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Food on Wheels; Street food in Surabaya, Indonesia

It's time for the monthly 'Food on Wheels' series addition. This time I would like to show some pictures of street food in Surabaya on East Java in Indonesia. I stayed mainly near the airport in Juanda, South of the city but did venture one afternoon into the downtown area, to visit a big shopping mall.

Nasi goreng in Surabaya, Indonesia

Nasi goreng; nasi means rice and goreng means fried, the classic meal, fried rice. Other option are mie or mihun, two different style noodles, also prepared 'goreng' style. On the left is a another cart, selling drinks

Surabaya is Indonesia's second biggest city and it was really busy, loads of cars and other vehicles moving around. After I got fairly quickly bored at the (massive) mall, I venture out a bit and in typical South East Asian fashion, there was plenty of small food carts, Indonesian style! These carts are small push carts, as can seen in the picture above, the push handles of the cart are on the left.

Soup and fruit in Surabaya, Indonesia

Soup and fruit, the soup is meatball (bakwan/bakso) and noodle, so the vendor is called 'tukang bakso'. Tukang means vendor or seller, so you can call a nasi goreng vendor as 'tukang nasi goreng'

Here are another two very classic street food options pictured; on the left soup is served and on the right you can buy various kinds of fruit, although the options are rather limited.

Noodles in Surabaya, Indonesia

More soup and noodles

The picture above shows another soup vendor or 'tukang bakso', with more options compared to the previous picture. Just along this busy road through downtown Surabaya, there were plenty of push carts to be found and I photographed only a few of them. In a city, big as this one, food will never be far away!

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Anonymous said...

Those, meatball and noodle vendors or tukang bakso/bakwan in our bahasa. There are a lot of street food in Surabaya. Hope you enjoy your visit there.

Yoga said...

Actually the soup is meatball (bakwan/bakso) and noodle, so we called the vendor as tukang bakso. Tukang means vendor or seller, you can call nasi goreng vendor as tukang nasi goreng too. Hope you enjoyed your short visit to Surabaya, my home.

Camille said...

Thanks for the clarification Agoy Yoga, I was trying to translate bakwan, but didn't get anywhere! I will update the post with your info! I mostly stayed around Juanda and only visited the downtown area for an afternoon. It seemed very busy but I also saw the really nice sculpture at the Zoo, with the shark and the crocodile. Lots of green in the city as well.