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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Samui Green Market for January has been cancelled

Please find their Facebook message here;

Dear Friends of the Samui Green Market. We have to cancel January's market for a number of reasons. But only because we plan to be back with something better, bigger and more inclusive. 

1. it's just too busy for so many of our vendors and volunteers (who have just been putting on Spark Circus fundraiser on Sunday). It's high season, many of our vendors are short staffed and have other businesses to deal with and can't afford the day off at this time.
2. the country is in upheaval - as I write I can hear a group of people chanting on the main road of Lamai to protest against the government, and many of our Thai friends are in Bangkok to deal with the grave issues facing Thailand right now!
3. we want more ACTIVITIES and VENDORS that will bring more people to the market - it's growing every month but we want to have more variety. 
4. we need a better VENUE - the big hall at Chaweng lake has been good for the rainy season, but it involved borrowing and bringing tables wherever we can find them - it's not sustainable... And it's so hard - no green, nowhere for kids to play... We are working on a number of different ideas...
5. we need more VOLUNTEERS to help with ideas, arrangements, getting the word out, helping us grow this market. Can you be one of those? 
6. do we need to change the DAY? Vote for Saturday 9am-1pm or Sunday 10am-2pm please? 

Can you help suggest more vendors, a venue, or ways to have more activities that will create 'buy-in' for the whole community. 
WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR VOICE- what do you like, what do you suggest.

OR COME TO MEET US ON SATURDAY 11.30am-12.30pm at June's Cafe in Samui Town Centre if you would like to talk in person. We want your ideas, your involvement and your solutions to make this a better event held every month, and hopefully in the future even more often....

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