Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 14th March, 2012

Today's weather;

The weather on Koh Samui keeps going strong. This morning sees another nice day forming with plenty of sunshine. Current temp at 7am is 27.4C

Yesterday started out nice but turned rather cloudy during the day all around Samui. It didn't rain though max temp reached 30.7C

The forecast is predicting nice and sunny weather with clouds possibly after the weekend but it should remain dry.

Diving on Malapascua sure is MAD!

In the meantime, here on Malapascua in the Philippines, the weather remains nice and sunny.

The current PADI IDC is going into it's last day and on Friday I will leave this lovely island, hopefully to be back in November again, later this year. Stay tuned in the meantime for daily updates.



Anonymous said...

Dear Camille

thank you very much for your updates. My friends and i are planing to visit Samui from March 24th, however according to the weather cast the heavy rainy and stormy weather is predicted for the end of March. i also consider the weather conditions from the last year for the same period. Could you please advise me if we can yet proceed with our travel plans, or it is better to postpone the trip for the future.

Thank you in advance:)


Camille said...

Hi Nika,

Difficult to say. Until the 21st the forecasts are looking fairly good. I would be very surprised if we would get similar weather like last year, since that was exceptional and out of season.
If you're in Thailand before the 24th, just check the daily reports and decide on the spot what the best plan or course of action will be.