Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 21st March, 2012

Today's weather;

The sky over Koh Samui is fairly cloudy this morning, over 50% is covered but I expect it to stay dry nonetheless. Current temp at 7am is 25.8C

Last night, just when we closed the lights, we heard this grinding sound, which disturbed us slightly, it quickly became clear that the road was being paved, this is the result this morning

Yesterday was a stark contrast with 100% blue skies all day long around Koh Samui. Max temp reached 31C

The forecast is looking good, with some potential rain after the weekend.



Anonymous said...


Can I check with you what kind of weather will Koh Samui normally have in July? Thanks.

- Alfie

Camille said...

Hi Alfie,

Please have a look at my archives, half way down the page on my Samui info and weather blog, right hand side, they go back a few years. Open a month that you’re interested in, in this case July and check one of the of the last posts of each month, starting with ‘Goodbye to…………’ this post will tell you the weather conditions for that month.
You can also check each individual post for that month if you wish to.

Hope that helps for now. You can check 5 years back!