Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Picnic Basket up for sale, an end to an era?

The Picnic Basket up for sale, an end to an era?

It's just over a year ago that I wrote about the Picnic Basket changing location in Bang Rak.

After 9 years in business, Paul has had enough of being in the shop 7 days a week, from early in the morning starting to shop and finishing early in the evening. A combination of working too much and not enjoying the work any more made him decide about 5 weeks ago to call it a day and put his Picnic Basket up for sale.

After having seen the place closed for a couple of weeks now, nobody really seemed to know why it was closed and today I was teaching an EFRI course in classroom of the Hyperbaric Chamber next door to the Picnic Basket when in the morning I took a picture of the poster that's been put up, with the details for the sale on it.
Later today, I saw Paul sitting inside and had a chat with him. He's having a better feeling about the whole situation now, having taken a step back since 5 weeks. So, if anybody has a spare 3 million Baht floating around, call Paul and get involved with an excellent restaurant in Bang Rak with a nice turn over and a steady clientele!

On a similar token, the Mango Russian restaurant in Chaweng, has been closed down since a while.


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