Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Food on Wheels; Songtan in South Korea and it's all nighter junk food stalls

Just in front of Osan Air Base, which is actually located in Songtan, South Korea, there's a pedestrian area and here you can find some interesting Korean food on wheels variations. Each afternoon, the cars are rolled out and readied for action. It fits perfectly into this series and cements once more that folks in this part of the world love it to eat on the street!

Songtan, South Korea, walking street, hamburger

Han's hamburger and chicken sticks, sandwiches and hotdogs

In this area are many bars and night clubs, which make for hungry night life creatures, especially during the weekends and that may explain the relatively high amount of food carts in the area.

Songtan, South Korea, walking street, burger

Miss Kim burger

One of the local specialties is noguda noodles, which look almost like stuffed penne's (Italian noodles) and they come in a red sauce, some nice and hearty stuff!

Songtan, South Korea, walking street, fried

Fried everything

Everything else is more in the junk food variety, but late at night some extra grease may help to absorb the alcohol consumed a bit earlier.

Songtan, South Korea, walking street, snacks

Different snacks

It's a busy area and there are also loads of restaurants, massage shops, souvenir shops and tailors. The latter mainly marketing US based sports gear like baseball and ice hockey.

Songtan, South Korea, walking street, Korean sausage

Korean sausage, yakimandoo, noodles, fish and chicken sticks

Now I'm out on the East coast, in Sacheon-myeon and I've seen some other interesting food on wheel variations, but didn't have a chance yet to get some pictures taken.

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