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Sunday, 9 September 2018

Koh Samui, Thailand weekly weather update; 03rd September – 09th September 2018

Koh Samui, Thailand weekly weather update; 03rd September – 09th September 2018 

Sunday morning, it's time for the Koh Samui, Thailand weekly weather update; 03rd September – 09th September 2018.
No long slow distance run, am just coming back from injury right now, but I'm keeping myself fit with very regular indoor cycling and weight training. On top of that I also manage around 10 minutes of planking per day.

On to the weather though, it's nice and sunny this morning under an almost completely blue sky. At 10am it's 29C but it feels already warmer and expect more heat later during the day.

Koh Samui, Thailand weekly weather update; 03rd September – 09th September 2018; Spectacular view over Maenam beach and Koh Phangan. We're fairly high up in the mountains at the very end of Soi 5 in Maenam. There's a zip line place and a big tree with a platform around it. So you sit and relax on top and amidst the jungle canopy. Well worth a visit. Keep following Soi 5 in Maenam to the very end, park your car or motorbike, just follow the signs. After a short walk you will reach the tree platform. Have a drink and/or a small bite and enjoy the view and the zip line rides.

Last week saw a good week. We had plenty of sun last week. Plenty of sticky and hot afternoons and just a few rain drops. Two days we had overcast, the rest was partially cloudy to blue! Nice! Maximum temperatures ranged from 25C to 34C.

The forecast for next looks good, not too much rain, just a few showers. The wind is about to pick up, that should be nice and cooling. Expect plenty of sunshine as well! 
Go out and about and enjoy your time on Samui!

Please do 'like' my Koh Samui blog Facebook page and enjoy the beaches around the island or in front of your hotel or resort and get some well deserved rest and a break. If you're done resting or need something else to do, there's plenty of things on offer on and around Koh Samui, you can go snorkeling or diving or take a dive course. 

You can also enjoy some of the trips I recommend, like a half day gourmet lunch and snorkeling trip at the Southern part of Koh Samui or a photography trip where you get to see the most photo genetic spots on the island or go for a drinks tasting tour if you like a tipple or two. 

You may also opt for a very special dinner experience at The Thai Experience. Behind closed doors, reservation only and a very enjoyable and well worthwhile way of spending an evening on Samui. Authentic Thai food and a great atmosphere. Can highly recommend this experience. 

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