Thursday, 30 November 2017

Goodbye to November 2017

Goodbye to November 2017

It's the last day of the month and time to say Goodbye to November 2017. 

Today is actually at the tail end of a storm coming over Koh Samui and all day so far it has been raining with a thunderstorm just having passed us.
It has been raining all day long, sometimes harder and sometimes just a little bit. Flash floods have occurred at all the usual hot spots but will recede quickly, providing the rain stops or slows down.
Current temp at noon is 24.8C.

Goodbye to November 2017

Goodbye to November 2017; The flash flood is receding in front of Wat Plai Laem and will be gone soon, providing it stops raining.

This month was truly a rainy season month, with no rain during only five days this month! Every other day had rain in various degrees and amounts. Plenty of days there were flash floods around the island, but they disappeared almost as quickly as they popped up. The hard rain never lasted long enough to cause serious problems. Maximum temperatures ranged from 28C to 32C.

Goodbye to November 2017

Goodbye to November 2017; Sunset at Panagsama beach, near Moalboal in the Philippines where I spent most of this November

The start of the last month of this year is not far away, just a few hours before December 2017 kicks off and we can only hope it will not be a repeat of last years weather. The forecast for next week looks ok-ish, considering this time of the year, in the middle of the rainy season. Rain can be expected but nothing too serious. Around the 6th December another storm might us again, so let's see and wait to see what happens.

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