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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Welcome to August 2017

Welcome to August 2017

The beginning of a new month and hence it's a well meant Welcome to August 2017. Typically a very nice month around Koh Samui with plenty of sunshine and just an occasional, although sometimes intense, tropical shower. 
A good and busy month on the Samui archipelago, also known as high season. 
Plenty of visitors or Europe during their summer holidays join us on Samui shores, to enjoy the sun, good food and warm weather and everything else that Koh Samui has to offer.

Last year saw a not so great August though, with the first three weeks of August 2016 being rather wet and windy. Hopefully this year will be off to a better start and today is proofing just that. It's sunny and we have blue skies all during the morning. It's noon now, almost 1pm and the current temp is 32C.
Has internet problems all day long and it's 6.30pm now and finally I can manage to finish this post. The afternoon was cloudy, like yesterday but it was very hot today!Current temp at 6pm is 29C

Welcome to August 2017

Welcome to August 2017; Have you seen this before. The sure sign that you're about to enter a Temple party event. This one was earlier this year at Wat Na Phra Lan in Maenam, a temple that once used to play an important role on the island. Nowadays it's slowly has become less important over time. The Lomprayah pier is located at or rather next to the temple premises, but you have to enter and leave partly over temple grounds. The Lomprayah boats offer various daily trips to Koh Phangan and Koh Tao.

This month will have the 4th Samui Tattoo convention at Central Festival Samui, something I am still planning to blog about. The tattoo convention is supposed to be held 16-18 August.

Enjoy your time on the island and I hope to hear from you with any remarks or questions.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Camille, thanks for all your updates. I follow them every week.
I will be in Samui from August 20 to 26 with my wife and son (6 years old).
A question please. Is Samui safe for a child about dengue risk?
We will be at the OZO hotel.
Thank you very much
Gian Luca

Camille said...

Hi Gian Luca,
Dengue fever is always potentially a problem in Thailand. The more rain, the wetter the weather, the more potential there is. August should be fairly dry though and the risk for mosquito bites is reduced.
Dengue mosquitos tend to be only around during dusk.
Be prepared and have safe spray s and /or gels with you.