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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Welcome to July 2017 and goodbye to June 2017

Welcome to July 2017 and goodbye to June 2017

A new month has started and it's time to say Welcome to July 2017 and goodbye to June 2017.

July is not known for it's blue skies and sunny weather, like it is today. July is rather a mixed bag kind of month, with occasionally some nice and sunny days but mostly overcloud days with a few showers thrown in for good measure! Oh, don't forget the days with some hard wind. The last four years have been mostly just like that, as you can see in my posts over recent years.
The start of the month has been very good, hot and sunny, and the forecast for the first week is good, without much or any rain at all. Let's see how long this July version of 2017 can hold on to this promising start.

Welcome to July 2017 and goodbye to June 2017

Welcome to July 2017 and goodbye to June 2017; Current and old style buildings at Thipparat school in Maenam, the current school of our oldest daughter

Last month, June 2017 was a tad bit under an average June for Koh Samui weather expectations. It seems there was a tad bit more rain than usual during June. There were a bunch of sunny days but there was also plenty of rain. This can be expected during an average June on Koh Samui so it was not a big surprise. The rain was mostly of short duration however and were sometimes accompanied by an occasional thunderstorm. Max temperatures ranged from 28C, just this one single day was below 30C and most days were around 32-33C.

Welcome to July 2017 and goodbye to June 2017

Welcome to July 2017 and goodbye to June 2017; All schools around the northern part of Koh Samui seem to have been adding buildings to their schools, to meet the demand and increase of new students. So also the school of our oldest daughter, the Theeparatpittaya School, or mostly just named Thipparat. This is a new building, constructed behind the current buildings, with plenty of more space to expand if needed.

I spend the first two weeks of June on Phuket, just like I will with the first two weeks of July. Highlight in June was the Koh Samui marathon for me, during which I ran the half marathon and placed second in my age category 50-59. The previous weekend I ran a 10km trail on Phuket, which was a also a great experience, coming in third in my age group of 40+!
Tomorrow it's off again to Phuket and  the second part of the month I should be back on Koh Samui again.
But first let's visit the Green market this afternoon!

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