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Monday, 11 February 2013

Chinese New Year 2013 in Maenam

Although we were on the mainland yesterday and didn't get back onto Samui until 7.45pm, we could see the effects of this years Chinese New Year all around us. Among others at the ferry in Don Sak, where it was slightly chaotic and very busy with many people on the move. The 5pm ferry, the big green one, didn't leave until shortly after 6pm when the 6pm ferry was still waiting to be loaded.

Around 8pm we drove by Maenam, where there was a big party going on with lots of food and music. 
My good friend Noi lives around the corner of the festivities and she allowed me to use some of her (excellent) pictures, so here we go.

Chinese New Year in Maenam 2013, big mask

Big mask

We were lucky enough to find the Chinese New Year's celebrations in Nathon last year, which was very impressive.

Chinese New Year in Maenam 2013, dragon

One of many dragons to roam Maenam's streets yesterday

Maenam was very crowded and there were plenty of activities planned with lots of dragons roaming the streets.

Chinese New Year in Maenam 2013, the crowd

Maenam was very busy with a big crowd and another dragon the background

Samui has a big Chinese background, the first settlers on the island are supposed to be Chinese sailors from Hainan and many local and Thai families in general have Chinese ascendants somewhere in the family.

Chinese New Year in Maenam 2013, red lanterns

Red lanterns, to be seen all over the country this time of the year

Chinese New Year in Maenam 2013, fireworks

Fireworks waiting to be lit up

Chinese New Year in Maenam 2013, noisy fireworks

Yes, it's noisy!

Nathon still has celebrations coming up the 15th and 16th February, so don't miss out!

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